May 31, 2006

Be Prepared

Be Prepared
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Whether riding a fast machine or reading the latest journal we must remain alert to the possibility of what is around the corner or on the next page, whichever the case may be. The little creatures know this instinctively. So must we.


May 26, 2006

Seek the Answers

There was a time..........................

It was a time when the word "No" meant "Yes." It was the 60's.

Nothing was more important than the will of I, the will of me, the will of now!

I graduated from High School: I graduated from College. I went to Woodstock: I lived in S.F. I listend to Hot Tuna: I grooved to NRPS!

I'm now in my 50's. I'm now looking around and asking questions like this: If we were so knowing, how did we let things get so out of control?

If we were so brilliant, how did we allow our Government to be so out of touch with reality? If we were going to be a better generation than those that preceded us, how did so many of us end up craving houses in the Hamptons? How did so many of us get so lost?

The answer, I fear, lies in the depths of our souls.

I'll seek the answer on my next ride. Thankfully I personally crave a good mind-clearing adventure rather than more real estate or a larger stock portfolio. But that's just me.