April 13, 2008


it really is
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Because it's there. Because it's always worth it.

April 06, 2008

The Incredible Greenness of Being

shades of green
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Spring is here at last.

The green tips of the crocuses arise skyward; the birds of summer have returned. They are ravenous from their journey. My bags of birdseed empty faster than bottles of good wine at a dinner party.

I've often wondered how many shades of green one could find in a day. Hundreds I would think.

In Ireland they claim over a thousand. But we Irish once in awhile, though very rarely, claim more than a few things with just a pinch of literary license. (Son, yer great-great-great grandfather was the King of Cork I'm positive).

The next warm and sunny day that finds me, I hope to take a long Spring ride on the motorcycle and head way into the countryside. There I hope to don hiking boots and take a little walkabout to count a day's worth of greenness.

Should be a lovely way to spend a day.