March 30, 2007

Springing Into Sangria

Originally uploaded by Gibna Kebira.

I enjoyed the most lovely ride today, the first of the season. Every sinuous muscle remembered each part of the symphonic dance or the road ride.

By the third sweep my motorcycle and I were again in complete sync. It was peaceful; mind-clearing.

As the afternoon sun burned bright I rode through tiny New Hampshire villages. Birds were soaring. My spirits were soaring.

I rode and thought of happy times when friends and strangers gathered to celebrate life. People of all backgrounds melded together oblivious to social divisions that cause only distance and misunderstandings.

Is that not the Sangria of life? Are we not all the better for mixing together? I think so.

March 29, 2007

It's Mud Season

muddling along
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Spring brings mud. Try to stay above the fray.

March 28, 2007


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Somewhere this evening someone is dreaming of liberty. If they keep dreaming and work to make their dreams true they will find it.

That knowledge itself is liberating.

Tó tó tó vrummmmmmmmm

Tó tó tó vrummmmmmmmm
Originally uploaded by Oclinhos (Thiago Araujo).

The weather has cleared and it's time to ride. Finally the northern Winter has ended.

Tonight I've taken out my maps. I'm planning rides to places I've not yet been. As the photographer states, vrummmmmmm vrummmmmm.

Happy Trails!

March 25, 2007


Moonrise at Wicken Fen
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Ducks and geese know to follow their instincts, to follow the light. Why do we forget such simple things?

The snow is melting: the air is warming. Days grow long and nights wane short.

Spring is wonderful. I am renewed.

March 24, 2007


light ripples
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Great things often begin as just a ripple of thought; maybe a ripple of emotion.

From ripples grow waves. From waves grow change.

Springtime brings ripples in my day. I long to see the waves.

March 22, 2007


moonlight I.Bela
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No matter where we are, cloud cover allowing, we get to see the same moon each night. There is comfort in that. There is knowledge that none of us are that far apart after all.

My sisters may be in Florida this eve, my sons away at University, other friends spread out across North America and beyond. When I gaze at the moon I know that they can see it too. The moon is a bond that holds hearts near.

March 19, 2007

Today Say Yes

Say Yes
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I am thinking of a marvelous quote from Wallace Stevens:

"After the final no there comes a yes and on that yes the future of the world hangs."

Every life traveler encounters decisions of great and not-so-great import each day. So many times we must say "no."

Yet comes a day when we find ourselves saying "yes." And on that "yes" our future may indeed hang.

March 18, 2007


Nature´s flag
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The glorious arrival of each new day amazes me. Each offers opportunities of greatness.

Whether the day will be one of travel or one of work matters not. If travel, the new day offers new adventures. If work, the new day offers new challenges.

The duality of work and play keeps balance in our lives. And after all, isn't that what "living well" is all about?

March 17, 2007


Praia de Arrifana
Originally uploaded by Jason's Travel Photography.

Like the ocean 's waves, life shifts constantly. I had one of those days today.

Everything changed.

March 15, 2007

A Moment in Time

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Moments are fleeting. Now becomes then in an instant. Time is dynamic, never stationary.

Morning's first light is a precious moment. When our eyes capture it we are blessed.

I would ride into this moment any time I was invited to do so.

Moonlight without Hecticity

Originally uploaded by ericutxo / Rosa Cobos.

The night is perfect. Clouds move in above a darkened sky: weathermen tell us we will see a foot of snow by night next.

It matters not to me. My moon is still in the sky, my future is still secure (in a thrillingly random sort of way). The moon tonight wanes, soon it shall wax.

Cosmic movment, cosmic meter, cosmic pace. We are ready to ride it all. And we shall embrace every single drop of life.

March 14, 2007


The magic of the desert
Originally uploaded by dhahi alsaeedi.

The orange-red sky of a desert sunset makes even the harsh reality of nomadic life appear idyllic.

I've seen such caravans in the deserts of Afghanastan. They bring to mind a simpler time when travel, traded goods and storytelling were the principal weave of a community's life.

Are we motorcycle travelers that different? Probably not -- though we ride faster, pay tolls, and feed our motorized camels gasoline rather than wheat.

Like the nomads of old, as well, we enjoy an occassional watering hole.

March 13, 2007

The Orchard

Gate to the orchard
Originally uploaded by Thomas Frejek.

Much of my youth was spent wandering the apple orchards of New England. Such abundance of life inhabits these fields of bounty.

On motorcycle tours, orchards and vineyards are my favorite waypoints of rest. Their verdency and aroma are seductive to say the least. And their bounty, whether fruit or wine, bring natural sweetness to each and every visitor.

We are blessed to live on this blue planet.

March 12, 2007

Evening Stag

Evening Stag
Originally uploaded by Osdog.

He waits knowing that his future will arrive at sunrise. He is the traveler.

He is at peace with the world. Yet he waits knowing that he needs something more.


Sunrise, March 10, 2007 Everglades National Park
Originally uploaded by nal from miami.

Imagine how each new day begins and ends. Is it different from the ebb and flow of the tides? Not really.

Imagine how we plan our todays and tomorrows. Is it different from the hope and need of the now? Not really.

For the brave, for the true believers, tomorrow is quite real. It is a dream seen and chased. Make it so.

March 11, 2007


Colorful Creation
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The snow is melting. The birds are singing. The signs of change are everywhere.

We will be riding soon!

March 10, 2007


Night road 3
Originally uploaded by Tony X.Q.

Night riding is always interesting. Vision is limited to that which is either artificially illuminated or moonlit. The air is slightly dewey -- perhaps cool.

In the country there is an evening's sense of quiet. In the city there is a syncopated sense of excitement.

Neon colors beam from the nightclub windows. Music pours into the air from a Blues Bar. Further on electronic dance music spills into the night from another doorway.

Yes, the nighttime brings an entirely different if not sensuous world to its riders.

March 09, 2007

Atoll Comfort Inn

Originally uploaded by hpizka.

If the Moon Motel doesn't fit the bill, perhaps an Atoll Comfort Inn will.

Moon Motel

Moon Motel
Originally uploaded by FotoEdge.

Here is a place we could expect to find during a road trip along Route 66, or better yet, in Cocoa Beach, Florida (original haunt of the early party-animal NASA astronauts).

Either way, a visit to the "Moon Motel," if for nothing more than a coffee and burger, seems worth the trip.

As Jackie Gleason would say, "To the Moon, Alice."

March 08, 2007


Blue Night
Originally uploaded by DCCXLIX.

Could I but ride all day and all night to find this moment, I would. Could I but open my eyes and be not where I am (buried in snow and covered in single digit temperatures) but where this light shines, I would.

Alas such travels are for another day, another night. Today has its own demands. They shall be met.

Adventure comes only after deadlines and everyone's needs are met. And then its ride time.


Arequipa Sky
Originally uploaded by DCCXLIX.

Whether in Santorini, Rome, Nice, Hamilton Harbour, or Arequipa one finds true appeal in the beauty of white structures beneath a blue, blue sky. Add a spash of flora and the effect is deeply rich.

One wants to slowly stroll through such courtyards. Peace resides in such places. Beauty and peace. White on Blue.

March 07, 2007


// and the moon has turned red over one tree hill //
Originally uploaded by -bwr-.

The Irish Blessings are known to bring laughter and friendship to those we meet on the way.

And when the moon rises to meet your road, well, I guess you've found your happy place.

As Victor Borge said, "Laughter is the closest distance between two people."

Traveling Friends

Mans best friend
Originally uploaded by suzukik22002.

Got Doggles?

March 06, 2007

Be A Beacon

Light of Fire
Originally uploaded by P10NERO.

LIght the way for others and you are a beacon.

Given them hope and you are a beacon.

Give them laughter and you are a beacon.

Give them a chance to dream and you are a savior.


Originally uploaded by Lightchaser.

We rush toward light, we ride into mountains and towards the sea.

There are chances we take. We dare to chance life.

Ride life as if it were a storm and you a storm rider. Run ahead of the rain, laugh when it catches up to you, and thrill to each and every sunset.

That, to me, is living real. That, to me, is where the fun is. Are your ready to ride?

March 05, 2007


A few minutes after the sea swalloped the sun
Originally uploaded by alonsodr.

I long to ride to the sea, to witness surf pound upon sand, to smell briney air mixed in fog, to hear the ancient sound of a pulsing tide rushing through rock and stone.

Down to the sea we should ride.

March 04, 2007

Action Dancing

liquid action
Originally uploaded by antiguan.

Just as waves curl and crash over the shallows, we riders countersteer and lean deeply into turns of the road. It's simple physics actually.

In the case of the wave the shoreline bottom exerts drag and friction upon the water rushing over it. The water at the bottom slows, yet the water at the surface continues to move at a faster pace. Voila, a crashing wave.

On the road, we see the turn: We see the line, and we commence the countersteer to put us into the perfect combination of lean and angle.

The inside of the tar narrows at the curve's apex. We accelerate through the turn, find a moment of absolute balance, and the inertia propels the motorcycle past the apex into an upright position for the next dance.

It is absolute magic when performed correctly.

March 03, 2007


Originally uploaded by .Luca - Italy.

So full, so beautiful, my Moon.

Riding to Orange

Towards Erg Chebbi
Originally uploaded by komla.

Towerering dunes shaped by wind and sand call the traveler to abandon road and ride untethered from pavement. As we say in Bimmer Land, that's a GS Adventure.

This is Morocco -- destination Erg Chebbi.

Note to self: worth a visit for certain.


No Guts No Glory...
Originally uploaded by Rkival.

Here are signs that bring mixed emotions to the motorcyclist. The bright yellow sign brings a smile, for curves are what we crave.

The fast blackening sky, however, brings a more somber decision: it's time to stop and don the raingear.

It's also time to find proper shelter as soon as possible, as this sky suggests the potential for lightning. Perhaps a U-turn to that Restaurant you saw back a few miles is the wisest option.

Or, if there's more storm behind than ahead, get going and enjoy a spirited Storm Run. I do so like those.

March 02, 2007

You Can't See Me

Show Off
Originally uploaded by nal from miami.

There are times when we think "oh, that person is a show off." Admit it, we've all thought it at one time or another.

Humans typically call for attention by adorning themselves with "accessories." It might be a diamond, or perhaps a shiny new car or, gulp, motorcycle.

In nature, however, creatures show off by disappearing.

In motorcycling we know that conspicuity saves lives. In the wild inconspicuity saves lives.

The Hawk flying above this fellow thinks he is part of a plant. How neat is that!

Road to blue

Road to blue
Originally uploaded by alonsodr.

It's snowing this March morn in New Hampshire. My return to road running is once again slowed by the power of climate. No problem.

Thank goodness we can dream and plan for better cruising weather just around the bend. Surely alonsodr's fab photo of Camino al Cerro del Hierro is helping me do just that.

March 01, 2007


First light and the morning is upon us. Our motorcycles hum as the road passes behind and leads ahead.

Do we know where we are headed? Not really. Do we care? Not really.

The Ride is the Reason. The people we meet along the way will be our Presents.

The rivers we cross will be our mileposts. The villages we cruise will be our museums. The routes we take will be our history.

Have Spirit, Will Travel!


One Night in Anza Borrego
Originally uploaded by wmchu.

Beyond the city, beyond the glare, beyond the noise, one finds The Sky. Whether on a northern mountain or in a western desert the night sky is really big.

Drink it in.

There are a million stars shining upon you. They've been there all along: you just couldn't see them till you expanded your own personal universe.