February 27, 2007


lost highway
Originally uploaded by iso-50.

I am the highway; the thread of pavement linking mountain to dale, city to city, ocean to ocean.

But where do I go?

Only those who ride my tar know. Only those few know the mystery of the road.

Travel well, live well.

Urban Living

Strategy of chaos
Originally uploaded by zyber.

As much as rural fields and far away mountains call, so too do little cities of culture and art draw our attention. How charming to adopt a brick walled flat near museum and cafe.

How sweet to walk amongst architectural marvels and peoples who adore music, theatre and wine. Life is fabulous and we must embrace it all.

Now, if the snow would just melt away please -- my motorcycle and I would like to ride again. I need to visit the "chaos" of the world.

February 26, 2007

Fire in the Sky

Fire over Cornwall
Originally uploaded by Flying Fin.

Morning light saturates the clouds, bringing brilliance to what only moments ago was unseen.

February 23, 2007


Originally uploaded by BURИBLUE.

What brings the soul a rushing sensation more than a crystal clear day spent outside enjoying one's favorite activity? Whether it be walking, running, snowshoeing, skiing, sailing, or motorcycle riding, it matters not.

Just get out and get "at it." Life is for living.

February 22, 2007


reach the cloud
Originally uploaded by pastel1970.

Just as tidal wind-driven oceans crash against a wall of rock, so too do emotions surge and erupt when we accept our complete abandon to the ride.

Wind in our face, sun flashing upon chrome, the hum of a powerful engine beneath us: all working together to produce an erotic, primitive pleasure cruise through space and time. It is emotive, simple, fast, and yet timeless.

Such rides , in my humble opinion, are the best fully clothed way to create ripples in an otherwise perfect day.


gulls over the solent
Originally uploaded by silverman_tom.

Imagine two riders enjoying synchronous cruising along sweeping Adirondack byways.

Each sees the warp and grain of the upcoming curve. Each selects the perfect track. In step they harmoniously countersteer, lean, rip the corner, smile so broadly their jaws ache.

This is the essence of motocycle riding. This is two wheeled synchronicity.

Just Before The Gloaming

Why I Love The Everglades
Originally uploaded by nal from miami.

Nature's light shines neatest just before and just after sunrise and sunset, a time many call Dusk, others call The Gloaming. These are times when motorcycle riding in the countryside is most special.

February 21, 2007

Let Me Drink Deeply of Pomegranate

Originally uploaded by deva luna.

I miss fresh Pomegranate. It brings such nutrition and crisp flavor. Truth be known, Pomegrantes also make great Martinis.

Return to me oh Summer. Return to me oh fruit of the vine. Bring back the nectars of life. Bring back my plan that, someday, I might actually be one with my dream.

Magnificent Motion

movimiento las cosas tienen movimiento
Originally uploaded by Nandos.

Carnaval time, and the streets are alive with the music of magnificent motion. Passions flow. Joy is everywhere.

How splendid!


Come Away With Me
Originally uploaded by twoblueday.

I could walk through southern woods day after day. These are so different from the northern woods of my youth.

Dream walking, yes, in fact fantasy walking. This must be the place to which my lovely butterflies fly each Fall.

February 20, 2007

Cosmic Focus

Originally uploaded by morro.

A commanding , indeed fabulous focus grips the motorcyclist as
(s)he speeds along a byway. The experience sharpens every sense, destroys all distraction.

Sometimes It actually takes one's breath away.

A quiet night of cosmic pondering brings many of the same gifts, though more quietly. As Karl Sandberg said of fog, such pondering "creeps in on cat paws" and infuses the mind. It's lovely.

I can ponder the theories of lightspeed in my library -- I enjoy doing so. In contrast, nonetheless, I can feel lightspeed when I ride.

February 19, 2007

Lunar Libration

You've got to love that moon. I sure do.

Special thanks to Tom Ruen, who posted this open licensed fabulous gif to Wikimedia, and to Betsy Devine for bringing it to Montauk Rider's attention.


Greeting the Sun
Originally uploaded by 8230This&That.

Sunrise on the Cheapeake, and the geese swim amidst the ice of last eve's chill. They greet the sun with a renewed committment to survival.

Happy are those who greet all days with equal zest. The success of their day's journey depends on it.

February 18, 2007

The Berries of Winter

The Berries of Winter
Originally uploaded by MontaukRider.

Brisk snowshoeing amidst a mountain forest is a fine way to spend an afternoon. I was blessed to have such a time yesterday while visiting friends at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

The woods were exceptionally quiet. As I edged higher along the trail I was breaking, I looked up and was struck by the beauty and contrast of these Winter Berries against the evergreen foliage and blue sky.

I expect that these berries will soon be eaten by the birds and deer. Personally, I'd rather have some lingonberries on vanilla ice cream............Yum.

February 17, 2007

"The Boys

The Boys
Originally uploaded by bonsaikiptb.

....Are Back in Town."

This is a rare sight, at least in my yard. Mated pairs of Cardinals often perch closely in my trees and shrubs. Rarely, however, do I see two males so peacefully coexist.

Perhaps these are brothers or cousins. Or perhaps my neighborhood attracts aggressive Forumla 1-type Cardinals. I don't know.

I do know this. Whenever my twin cousins, now both age 51, get together they both gleefully sing out "The Boys are Back in Town." At least to me, the scene they create in doing so is as funny today as it was 30 years ago.

It reminds me of an old television commercial in which a diminutive business man, dressed in a pinstripe suit, drives and then stops his little moped between two hulking Harley riders at a traffic light. Realizing his uncomfortable (at least to him) circumstance, he squeeks out a high-pitched declaration: "I'm bad to the bone!"

A momentary pause is followed immediately by both motorcyclists bursting into uproarious laughter, and the little moped pulls away in a smoggy two-stroke whine.

Great commercial, though I have no memory of what product it was meant to sell.

The Cardinal Boys indeed. Were they dogs they would at least be pestering one another.

February 16, 2007

Mandarin Dreaming

Mandarin underwater
Originally uploaded by Sesselja María.

Those who really dream live large.

Mandarin Dreams are almost as nice as Amarone Dreams.

Sweet, juicy, and so very much alive with Splash, Pop, and Fizz!

Makes me want to Dream Ride. All Dream Riders are welcome to come along. Good night Moon.


[ L O S T - S O U L ]
Originally uploaded by M O N K.

Special travel days are those when, surrounded by beauty and peace, the voyager pauses to rest, to visit for a few days before moving on.

On such days we meet the people of a region and see where and how they work and play. We sup on their cuisine; we sip their wines.

On such days we discover more about ourselves as well -- who we are, where we've been, and where we choose to be in our tomorrows.

February 15, 2007


The water ..... is one resource!!!!
Originally uploaded by rogilde.

What a wonderful photograph.

Color = Red. Love that color.

Theme = Clean water gushing forth.

Composition = balance in motion.

Red Water Zen


Istanbul Covered Bazaar - Colourful Globes
Originally uploaded by Traces in the Sand.

I recall the covered bazaars of Istanbul. The bazaars were quite foreign to me, ablaze with lights of every color strung from above. The smoke of incense was stinging. The sounds of bargaining were deafening.

These Turkish globes brought back those memories for me tonight: Memories of travels past. I sense a yearning for travels future. Istanbul, nee Constantinople, is worth a visit again.

February 14, 2007


Originally uploaded by m i k e b.

The further one travels the more one relies on signs.

Some signs are pure in their minimalism. These are the ones to follow without hesitation. You'll likely end up somewhere you've never before seen.

You'll surely be living in the now -- riding in a direction for no reason other than that a little yellow sign made it seem a good idea at the time. What fun.

February 13, 2007

The Road Home

The Road Home
Originally uploaded by The Eyes Behold (NAT).

Come ride the road home.
Your heart will tell you how and when.
The road home is always there.
It awaits but your wheels and soul.

Come ride the road home.
We all know its allure, its call.
It twists by hills, it rolls along oceans.
It awaits but my wheels and soul.

That is the zen of motorcycling. It is there for all to enjoy, when we but desire so.


Originally uploaded by morro.

I sit at my computer tonight knowing that a major snow storm is bearing down on the Northeast. I welcome the opportunity to get out and play in the snow.

Yet my anticipation of the upcoming riding season grows stronger each day. Like a quasar in space, the lust for a ride is pulling me in. My hands itch to grab the throttle: my soul longs to carve the turns of a twisting road.

It's coming soon, and it's coming at lightspeed. Zoom Zoom.

February 12, 2007

The Beer Prayer

The Beer Prayer
Originally uploaded by mat.henderson.

A friend suggested to me that a Blog on motorycling would be incomplete if it failed to mention his favorite incantation, "The Beer Prayer." (You may want to view this in a larger format at Flickr)

Here, from a well-loved tavern somewhere, is said prayer.

February 11, 2007


Guaratuba [18/18]
Originally uploaded by carlosmoraes.

Few things bring nicer closure to a day's long ride than a perfect sunset. It's the best transition to an evening's long enjoyment.


then it froze
Originally uploaded by ShirleyGrant.

Whether on ocean or lake, the welcoming calm of a harbor entices. The voyager is home: the visitor feels the same.

There is tranquility in the Bay.

February 10, 2007

Stay Focused!

Stay Focused!
Originally uploaded by Dave Schreier.



Serenity on Loch Lomond
Originally uploaded by nicolas valentin.

The motorcyclist knows that marvels await. Finding them requires little more than a roll of the throttle and the sense of wonder.

Around the next corner awaits something never before seen.

How fun it is to travel with eyes open, wind in the face, and sun filling the sky.

February 08, 2007

Snowy Road

Country Road
Originally uploaded by jeanne c.

I yearn to ride the motorcycle
along country roads and beside glistening lakes.

No, says the weather
No says the snow.

You shall not ride today, Montauk Rider
You shall walk today.

You shall relearn the beauty of walking on snow
And the hushness of winter's white blanket.

Passo Giau

Passo Giau
Originally uploaded by Harald Mieling.

The Dolomites are lovely in the warm months and striking in the cold. Here they appear unworldly, almost moonscapish --dearly austere.

I prefer them in Summer when the grasses are flush with greeness and the woods teem with the songs of life.

February 07, 2007


Boston (Night)
Originally uploaded by imotov.

Boston is another of the world's great cities. The waters of The Charles flow through the city out to Boston Harbor and thence to the Atlantic.

Multiple stone and steel bridges cross the divide, linking the peoples of Cambridge and Boston.

At night Boston's skyline gleems with the colors of life. The city is abuzz with music, art and many a watering hole.

The Rock Song said it best: "Love that dirty water, oh Boston, you're my home."

February 06, 2007


Garden in Verona / Italy
Originally uploaded by Thomas Frejek.

I've been thinking a lot about cruising Italy again. Besides Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, the town of Verona comes to mind as a place to be explored.

Verona, the village of Romeo and Juliet, the host to an annual Opera Festival of world reknown.

And from the look of these gardens, Verona is home to some very stately mansions. Perhaps a ride around Italy is a must.


Sunset at Perhistoric Earth
Originally uploaded by autumn_leaf.

Whether sunrise or sunset it matters not. The change from darkness to light and from light to darkness lifts spirits high.

Along an ancient shore the ebb and flow of light matches the march of the tides. Such happenings are a marvel to behold.

February 05, 2007


colosseum 2
Originally uploaded by austenhaines.

The Colosseum witnessed great cruelty and supreme strength. Christians thrown to lions, gladiators thrown to the whim of a mean public.

When next you find your travels calling for strength and resolve, remember the Colosseum and those who faced its perils. Their spirit will embolden you.

"Teeth to the Wind."


Originally uploaded by n.yardy.

The coast of Maine calls. The sea carves a rugged shore. The people share their stories and their bounty.

Salty moist air surrounds those who live here. Fresh seafood abounds, and the nights are filled with stars and, as shown here, brilliant moonlight.


Tunnel Vision
Originally uploaded by Rod Monkey.

We ride sweeping bends and twisty byways. We cruise scenic vistas and glide down mountainous ribbons of pavement.

Yet ......... every now and then we go into a tunnel.

Whether under a bay or through a mountain the tunnel becomes a place unto itself. The sound of exhaust bounces off nearby walls. Light magnifies and focuses all the senses.

We are suddenly moving at warp speed.

What a rush! Vroom Vroom Baby.


dreamy walkway
Originally uploaded by the one and only1.

Yes its cold outside for sure. But what a time of year for a brisk walk or snowshoe. We bundle up and head out. Pure joy awaits.

February 03, 2007


Originally uploaded by hyperblondie_84.

Every sound, every breath, every word creates change. Whispered, each creates but a ripple. Shouted, each creates but crashing waves of dissonance.

Ripples are pleasant. They soothe: they create change with a subtle caress, a nudge.

Here gentle littoral ripples and a perfect sunset bathe a peaceful shorline. Ahh, such harmony.

More Roads that Must be Ridden

Scenic Byway
Originally uploaded by Wolfgang Staudt.

Utah hosts this fabulous Scenic Byway. I've ridden similar serpentine marvels but not yet this one .

Perhaps the occasion to do so will come another day. For now we can marvel at the engineered magnificence of this canyon sweeper.

February 02, 2007


A Splash of Color
Originally uploaded by *labaronesa*.

............are bountiful -- unlimited -- passionate.

When we ride we are free to sing of the beauty all around. The rider becomes part of that beauty, in sync not with just the winding road but with all he passes through on the journey.

These birds sing praise for the fresh rains that have refilled their bath. We should be more alike such creatures.

February 01, 2007

Moon in the morning

Moon in the morning
Originally uploaded by auroras photos.

Full, it's so full.

I shall dream of this fullness and be at peace.

Come Spring I will ride my motorcycle toward such a moon.


Montauk Rider at 18, Ready to Ride to Alaska
Originally uploaded by MontaukRider.

An eighteen-year-old never knows what might happen tomorrow. This particular and very lucky fellow turned 18 and spent an entire Summer driving with his sister all around the US and Canada -- hell, all the way to Alaska and the Danali.

Thus began a certain Pirate's lust for adventure. I blame my sister Betsy for taking me "on the road." I've never wanted to leave it since.

And I thank her deeply for the gift of wonder she first shared and then imparted to me.

Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies at Dusk
Originally uploaded by runner310.

San Francisco has to be the best city in the world. Among its many offerings are the "Painted Ladies," perfectly restored Victorian homes with unique patterns of color and wood, all nestled together along tiny thouroughfares.

How lovely these homes are. Just perfect!