October 13, 2006


Change is all around us. It's not just the seasons or the fast changing weather. No, it's more.

Everywhere I look I begin to see things differently. I see opportunities for growth, for improvement, and yes, for adventure. As the saying goes, so much to do -- so little time. But before I can make changes I need to focus on the now.

Tomorrow is Homecoming at my alma mater. I've attended the Homecoming Football game with my family since I was in my teens. It was my Uncle Shane who started the tradition. He'd buy reams of tickets and arrange huge tailgating parties. Shane was exceedingly gregarious, and nothing pleased him more than to have family and friends all together for food and quaff.

His children have continued going to the annual festival, as have I and my children. My two sons went to every Homecoming Game that's been held since they were born. Now they both attend the University: Now I travel to see them at the Game. There's a satisfying symmetry in this.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 a veritble caravan of vehicles will assemble at my home. We'll load cars with food, liquor, footballs, tables, condiments, and people.

By 9:30 our group of (I estimate) 18 will arrive at Boulder Field. We'll unpack the stuff, and start the hoopla. Kick-off is at noon, so we'll have lots of time to eat and play tag football before the game. My boys are bringing their fraternity brothers to our site as well, and a host of other cousins will be meeting us there as well.

There are people I wish could be there with us, but they're either no longer with us, or really far away. For those away, I hope someday to have you join our party. Every one of us is a character, so there's never a dull moment -- just laughter, frolic, and even some good old fashioned cheering as we watch our University team play a funny game called Football.

The players grunt, groan, hit each other, throw a pigskin, and then pat each other on the ass after each play. Quite strange behavior actually.

A good time will be had by all.

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  1. It is a funny game, now that you mention it!

    You brought back happy memories of hanging out at that game--maybe some year soon we'll get to do it again.